Mobile Monday in Guangzhou Exchanging Salon(May)Summary

On May 30th , we host our third Mobile Monday salon in CostaCoffee , Guangzhou. Nearly 100 friends joined us this time , which is almost twice as last one.

The theme is about digital reading industry , startups , social App and media . Some well-known people in mobile and media field attended the salon .Now let’s see some sparkling ideas in salon.

Wang Jinbo from Onyx shared the history and current situation of E Ink .It is said that the market value of E-book reader is 3 billion , most of which are split by Amazon,Barnes & Noble and Sony .The population using E-book reader in both America and China has increased tremendously . Wang Jinbo also brought some Gadget based on E ink . John from E Ink Holdings Inc of TaiWan attended as well.

The founder of Carl shared his own successful experience and perspectives on starting business.Ink is on the basis of Instagram and trying to make it easier for people to share photos.

Different from Carl , Gu Huifeng , the general manager of Guangzhou Xinker Software Technology Co.,Ltd, talked about his failure on business and concluded that the experience verified Steve Jobs’s belief——”Consumers don’t want to buy something cheap but something they could take advantage of ” .

Chen Gangqiang , the cofounder and Product Director of , gave a wonderful presentation about design of App. He creatively divided App into five categories : interested one , 100% copied one , slight-creative one , needed one and “God” one .

At last , Adeh from Kude Labs introduced some details about Startsup Weeken , which ifanr also participated in .

We will make Mobile Monday a regular activity in Guangzhou , creating opportunities for people to exchange ideas on various mobile fields,like APP,mobile device ,ventures and so on. We really look forward to next Mobile Monday to share more interesting thoughts and have a more passionate talk.If you want to join us , click here .