Mobile Monday in Guangzhou Exchanging Salon(April)Summary

On April 27th , We host a Mobile Monday salon in Guangzhou.Although it’s raining dogs and cats, the weather couldnt’t stop people from attending the event.On that evening , about 60 people get together in Derose mocha cafe .

MoMo is short for Mobile Monday , which is a world volunteer organization focusing on gathering local people who work in mobile and creation field to share ideas. There is a variety of activities ,including speech ,debate , cocktail party and so on. ifanr is the authorized organizer of Mobile Monday in Guangzhou.We are trying to be the core bond connecting technology , media and venture in Guangzhou.

People in salon exchanged ideas in following aspects : the new trend of smart phone , creative ideas on APP and the influence of mobile reading on traditional media.

Some well-known people in mobile and media field attended the salon, they were president and vice president of Zhang Xiangdong and Cao Ming,COO of new media of South Weekend Wu Wei , vice president of 21th century media Li Jianxing , cofounder of Topnews9 Chen Chuyue (ex-deputy editor of Time Weekly) ,CEO of ZDworks Wang Yingqi and other honored guests from UC and iFLYTEK.

Now let’s give a look on sparkling ideas in salon.

Oversea strategy of Go products.

The vice president of CaoMing said almost 70% of users on Go input method and Go desktop are from oversea. The total downloads of whole Go products have reached out 100million, and active users in single day are over 20million.He said :”the mobile Internet market is actually an international market in the first time. Its scale is bound to surpass traditional Internet.We must have the courage to open our eyes to the world .”

The ideas of Topnews9 The cofounder

of Topnews9 Chen Chuyue is looking for a new way on pay-read and calculation of writer’s remuneration . He put forward that contributors of news and cross-talks were now actually working for Weibo of Sina.But he thought the situation wouldn’t last forever, the future benefits of authors would be directly linked with propagation amount.


Other remarkable points Wang Jinbo from Onyx shared some infromation on electronic reader market and his own perspectives.It’s said that their product ONYX applied screen with more advanced higher definiton.

ZDworks on profit model

CEO of ZDworks Wang Yingqi talked about his ideas on profit model and users requirement,which resonate among participators.

Our Vision Compared with our first Mobile Monday salon ,the atmosphere and the form of this time is much different .People were discussing topics in a more relaxed and active way .We will make Mobile Monday a regular activity in Guangzhou to create opportunities for people to exchange ideas on various mobile fields,like APP,mobile device ,ventures and so on.

We really look forward to next Mobile Monday to share more interesting thoughts and have a more passionate talk.If you are interested , contact us .

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